Welcome to God’s own Country!! Kerala


A travel away from home may make one nostalgic ,but the comfort and luxury in our cabs that we provide feel you at home.

Ayurveda – Health Care Centre

Ayurveda health care centre

Back to the nature otherwise means going back to the life conditions of our ancestors, who had maintained a good body and psychic health. Ayurveda is a New Hope not only to the domestic tourists and also to the foreigners. We have primary access to make linkages to several authentic traditional ayurvedic centres spread across Kerala.

Art and Culture

Arts and Culture

The vividity of Kerala’s cultural folk and originality of its traditional arts are known. In a context when these cultural varieties are ‘ commercially staged ’ we take you to the roots of these cultural art / folk formation.

Food and Entertainment

Food and Entertainment

When you are in Kerala ‘ tastes like Keralities’. Kerala food varieties are indigenous. We can help you providing a variety of original Kerala’s traditional dish including the coconut wine – Toddy.

Sports and recreations

Sports and recreations

Sports and recreations also commorate the days you spend in Kerala for years. In Kerala we offer Trecking, Mountaineering, Kanaying, Yachting and a variety of cultural readings.

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